• Fresh Air

    It provides abundant oxygen inside the room, keeps the bacteria and dust with a diameter larger than 0.3 μm outdoors, also discharges the excess carbon dioxide, organic volatiles, smoke and odors out of the room, and keeps the indoor environment as clean as the natural environment. Meanwhile, the energy can be recovered by the heat recovery system built inside the host, thereby greatly saving indoor energy. The fresh air system can regulate indoor temperature, humidity and air quality, providing a comfortable and healthy indoor environment.

  • Heat Pump

    Commercial and industrial fresh air systems are large central fresh air systems that keep hospitals, transportation facilities, commercial buildings, schools and internal environment of industrial facilities clean and ventilated. Because of crowded people and complex indoor structures, more fresh air quantity is required indoors compared with common residences.

  • Dehumidification

    The fresh air dehumidifier can provide fresh air and dehumidification indoors simultaneously, where the humidity value can be set according to user demand without manual guard, greatly improving the comfort level of the living space.


NILAN is currently a professional manufacturer of fresh air heat pump system

NILAN is specialized in developing and producing high-quality and energy-saving fresh air products and devotes to providing clean, healthy and low-energy consumption indoor environmental solutions. NILAN products have already been widely used in the household, commercial, industrial and agricultural fields all over the world.