Technical advantages of fresh air

1. Efficient PM2.5 purification
NILAN’s efficient filtration protection system can keep 99% of PM2.5 particles outdoors, protecting you and your family against pollution and providing oxygen-enriched clean air.

2. Efficient heat recovery system
NILAN’s efficient heat recovery system is designed with a patented multi-channel surround countercurrent heat exchange, with a heat recovery rate of up to 96.5% and a fresh air leakage rate of no more than 0.3%, leading in the industry.

3. Intelligent anti-frost function
NILAN has a unique intelligent anti-frost system, preventing against too low outdoor temperature and running the anti-frost program automatically. The system is also provided with NILAN’s preheating parts, and it runs the anti-frost program automatically, ensuring the normal operation of the machine under extreme conditions (above -25 °C).

4. Intelligent air management system
NILAN fresh air system provides you and your family with 30m3 clean and fresh air per capita  per hour and balances the indoor air pressure, creating an oxygen-enriched environment like Northern Europe forest for you and your family.

5. Intelligent bypass function
NILAN utilizes digital control and built-in temperature sensors to achieve automatic 100% bypass, thereby making full use of outdoor energy to ensure indoor comfort level and greatly save energy usage indoors.

6. Building control system
NILAN’s fresh air system controller has a MOD-BUS communication interface, through which the building control system can be connected to achieve network control.

7. Intelligent management system
NILAN host has an intelligent management function, through which you can manage as you wish the fresh air system with your smart phone remote control system.

8. Easy maintenance
Based on NILAN’s humanized structural design, the filter mesh and heat exchange core can be dismounted easily, and the ion purifier can be cleaned with water, greatly reducing maintenance cost.

9. Noise reduction and heat insulation design
NILAN product interior is made of high-thickness EPP environmentally friendly materials, preserving heat and reducing noise. Its outer casing is made of high-strength steel sheet, sturdy and durable with a long life.

10. Supporting expansion function
NILAN host is reserved with an external expansion function interface, through which the corresponding functional modules like CO2, VOC sensors or other HVAC equipments can be connected, thus achieving a more powerful whole-house environment system expansion.