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Our purpose to found NILAN is to meet the multi-level living needs of our shareholders and employees, so that they can realize their value of life at maximum. NILAN provides a broad space for personal development and a benefit sharing mechanism.

Three racing principles: merit oriented, staffing from strength, power and position control

NILAN employs people on their merit, including both ability and integrity, but not on the complicated interpersonal relationship; NILAN respects everyone and assigns work to them depending on their superiorities; employees shall restrain themselves subjectively on their position, and the Company shall establish an institutional system to achieve authorization and decentralization of authority, and financial supervision to avoid violation against laws & disciplines.

Correct talent values (raw recruits and value-creating talent)

An enterprise divides human resources into two dimensions, virtue and ability. The former refers to identification of enterprise value culture and enterprise management system, unity with the enterprise, and maintenance of enterprise reputation; the latter refers to ability, which includes wisdom comprehension, knowledge and ability to solve problems. An enterprise needs the talents with both virtue and ability for development. Not everyone is born with ability, enterprises need to invest in talents, and the employees themselves shall aspire to become talents. Only employees bringing wealth to the enterprise can be called the value-creating talents. Excellent products are produced by excellent talents, and an excellent enterprise is an aggregation of excellent talents.

Dynamic talents

With the rapid development of society, talents are not always the same talents required by the enterprise. NILAN people shall keep learning and improving their own quality, and develop themselves with the enterprise development to achieve lofty ideals and ambitions.


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