About NILAN Group

NILAN is a professional manufacturer of indoor air environment equipments and provider of system solutions, with products and services covering more than 90 countries and regions around the world. In 2014, NILAN established a joint venture with Spanish SACH Group, which devoted to indoor environmental cleanliness. NILAN Group contributes to R & D and production of indoor air replacement products and provision of heat pump products for heating, refrigeration and humidity control, as well as R & D and provision of forward-looking solutions for clean, healthy and low-energy consumption indoor air environment.

NILAN's new wind and heat pump products have been faithfully serving the European home, commercial, and industrial environments for nearly half a century.


Nilan contributes to improve indoor air environment and make people’s living environment integrated with nature.


We aim to be the leader to supply innovative indoor environmental products.


Quality is the foundation for the company to develop soundly, and product is an integral part of the building. NILAN guarantees the quality all over the building life.